How To Deal With Panic Attacks Quickly And Efficiently

htdwpIf it seems that you will suffer from panic attack and you start to feel bad, there are some techniques that can help you to relax and prevent the panic attack to arrive. These techniques include deep breathing and relaxation of body and mind. They can be performed daily and when the next panic attack arrives, you will be prepared and maybe even able to stop it. But how to deal with panic attacks when they are here?

First, focus on slow breathing. Put your hand on your stomach, and the other on your chest. Try to breathe slow and deep. Take the air through your nose and while you’re doing that, count to five. While breathing in, your chest should not move, but be still. On the other side, your stomach should be moving. You will fill how your muscles work in your stomach area and if the belly is growing while you breathe in, that’s the proper breathing. Focusing on breathing will keep your mind relaxed and after you exercise breathing a bit, your body will soon be relaxed as well. If you breathe in by moving your chest, that will be short and low breathing and you will not be able to allow air to fill the longs completely as when your breathe by moving the diaphragm. See other ways to avoid these attacks here.

Natural Methods Of Preventing Panic Attacks

Changing the environment when you feel like you are going to drive crazy is good solution if you suffer from panic disorder. Experts claim that this type of change is of great importance for those who want to stop panic attacks. When you feel some of the symptoms occurring (hyperventilating, shaking, dizziness and similar), try to pay your attention to someone pleasant like singing a song or playing an instrument. Music often helps, so turn the radio on or just sing by yourself. You can watch the TV or read jokes on the internet. You surely have some friends and family, so pick up the phone and call your mother or spouse when you feel bad.

Any change you will make in your surrounding may help you to stop the panic attack. Just do not sit and do nothing because that will lead you to think about your problem even more. Do all you can to pay your attention to positive things. Friendly conversation can stop your panic and calm you down. Also, drink a glass of water or fresh juice. Eat a chocolate bar or take an apple. If you are sitting in your house when the symptoms are occurring, go out and take a walk.

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  1. Francesca says:

    I’m really glad that I found this article. Panic attacks have been part of my daily routine, sadly, for way too many years of my life. It’s about time that changes. This article is a good start for me.


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