Investing In Your Blog Writing Business

iybmbBlog writing can be a form of freelance job since you can really earn from it. There are various ways how you can earn by blogging but let us discuss how you can invest in earning from a self-hosted blog site. Setting up a blog and choosing the start can be tricky. There are both free and paid domains that require HTML codes to run and some have templates of layouts where you can pick and mix your own design to make yours look original. Investing on a blog site is never expensive even in the beginning since once you have an informative blog site and you earn spectators, then you can expect a sure profit.

There are many ways how you can earn money by blogging. A tip to earn from blogging is make sure your site follows the current trend and all types of audience and spectators will love what you are writing. Before setting up a blog, you need to decide first what field you will be writing about. Your target audiences are those who are frequently using the internet and who love to read blogs instead of turning the television on to watch the current news. There are many ways to earn, as well.

Here Is The Basic Buttons You Will Need When Starting A Blog!

Aside from putting “About Us” in your bottom page, you also need to put more buttons for different categories depending on what your blog site is all about. It could maybe be about technology. If you are blogging about technology, the latest news about newly developed items that use technology beyond its limitations would be nice. That could be one of your tabs or maybe add more tabs about innovations in process, things you would want to buy etc. Before starting a blog, you need to list down already the things you want to be included in your blog site.

There are also things you need to include when planning what your blog should look like. It is really important to have your final layout before starting a blog and going to the live system on the internet. Also, when you ask for the viewers to input their email addresses for subscribing to your letter mail, then you have to put a link that discusses their privacy terms. The privacy terms should have something like promising them that their email addresses will only be asked so you can send email to them and will not be given to other websites; especially marketers.

When You Create A Blog, Here Are The Things You Need To Beware Of

Do not be too eager to post your article as blog. After you create a blog, here are some of the things you need to be aware of so you will know how to face the consequences just in case you encounter any of these. Before we move forward, these are about your articles that might be stolen or you can be accused of stealing.

First, the most common thing people who create a blog face are having their articles stolen and most of the time rephrased so the wordings will be different but the concept is the same. People who are too lazy to create a blog often do this and this is actually a form of stealing.

The next one is copying or mimicking an article you have seen in the internet and you copied it but because you want to make it look original, you rephrased it and changed some words. Quite a tactic but if there are more words that are the same with the source article, then it will most likely be obvious. There is actually a tool that prevents these kinds of plagiarism. There is a tool called Copyscape and it searches the whole inventory of articles in the internet to look for the source article where your article has been copied to.

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  1. Chad O says:

    Great point on Copyscape. I’ve used that tool for years, and it’s never failed me, frankly. Nobody be stealing from this pimp!

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